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jaguar: Hi buster! Jul 5, 2020 10:35:41 GMT
Sita: Good to see you here Buster) Jun 16, 2020 7:35:47 GMT
busterdee: Can't catch Sita off guard. Hi all. I'm old, but not yet dead. Jun 11, 2020 22:49:45 GMT
I/KG26_Evil: is there a way to get a hold of you Orange or Red be nice to hear your voices again ,miss the old times :) Jun 8, 2020 14:59:00 GMT
I/KG26_Evil: man so sorry to hear about Alpha he will be missed i just came here to see how he was doing,my condolences to his family and friends we will miss you bud ,we love ya bro and a final salute to you :( Jun 8, 2020 14:53:12 GMT
jg26jobbofett: Sorry to hear about the bad news. My condolences. May 20, 2020 22:22:18 GMT
I/KG26_Redcoat: sent you a message on facebook Oranje May 13, 2020 8:31:30 GMT
I/KG26_Redcoat: very sorry to hear about Steve, he'll definitely be missed. ~S~ May 1, 2020 17:19:14 GMT
lovewaffleman: RIP Alpha. Mar 24, 2020 15:06:47 GMT
I/KG26_Oranje: Hello to u all , and thnx Alpha for al the support u have give us for many years , i have just discover the sad news today an d i dont know the date buht R.I.P. bro Mar 19, 2020 19:38:25 GMT
I/KG26_Redcoat: Hope you all had a good christmas folks, Happy New Year Dec 30, 2019 17:38:49 GMT
II/KG200 Loki: Hi, alpha, redcoat, anyone around? Jul 12, 2019 1:50:44 GMT
bufalo57: I am facing a technical problem, I can not play the old 4.13.4 il2 patch on Hiperlobby online, I get the information of "time out" Aug 16, 2018 12:02:23 GMT
I/KG26_Alpha: Bit of both with BOx up and coming see link above ^^ Jun 3, 2018 21:55:59 GMT
I/KG26_Redcoat: is it still 1946 you use or the cliffs of dover thing? Jun 1, 2018 12:08:21 GMT
I/KG26_Alpha: il2sturmovik.com/ May 15, 2018 22:50:17 GMT
I/KG26_Alpha: Hi Pol ...... JG26_Badger is still around in Battle of Stalingrad May 11, 2018 20:52:03 GMT
Pol: Hi guys, it´s good to hear from you... have you heard anything from any friend of JG_26? May 11, 2018 10:34:22 GMT
i/KG26_Evil: Hey Alpha i have 1946 again steam had it for sale for $3.60 lol they also have F1 2017 for 19 bucks so i grabbed im both now i need a stick and headphones getting there lol cya soon :) Mar 25, 2018 14:32:46 GMT
I/KG26_Evil: i setup ts bud maybe catch ya today sometime im home all day im watching a little munchkin type of human i think we call them grandchildren :) Mar 23, 2018 16:54:09 GMT
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